A Community Affair

Providing services and resources to underserved areas and individuals in our community affects each and everyone of us. From single mother scraping by to care for her children and their companion, to the senior citizen surviving on a fixed income trying to care for their only friend, C.A.R.E. for P.E.T.S. is using a model similar to the HSUS Pets for Life Program to develop programs that focus on the needs of those pets in our community. Not only does this increase the health, safety and retention of pets but these outreach efforts lessen the burden on our county shelter, Winnebago County Animal Services, in turn lowering costs. Our goal is to provide compassionate and respectful programs increasing awareness and access to pet related services – food, spay/neuter assistance, vaccinations, microchipping, medical care assistance and more – to the pets of people who care as much about the well being of their animals as anyone. C.A.R.E. for P.E.T.S. end goal is to keep more pets healthy and at home where they belong and out of the shelter. We will accomplish this with the community’s support through generous donations, sponsorships, grants and by working together, hand in hand, with our local animal welfare organizations.

In partnering with Winnebago County Animal Services, we ensure we are strategically positioned for maximum impact. Together as a community, we will assist pets in loving homes and reduce shelter intake.

“If you judge people, then you have no time to love them”
– Mother Theresa